Update 16 May from Helen Allton

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Here is Helen’s latest update.

Please note the date of the Guild AGM.

If you intend to listen to Have I Got News for You to hear/see the reference to The Salisbury Guild newsletter, it appears in the last 5 minutes of the show.

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Helen’s text:

To: Branch Chair, Treasurer & Secretaries, please pass on to your members. 

Well, team, this is it – as of tomorrow you can (local circumstances dictating) ring up to 6 bells when spaced 1 m apart and in good ventilation. I think it likely that still excludes some towers from practically being able to ring; it isn’t a the end, but it might be the beginning of the end (with all apologies to Churchill). If you need any assistance with reviewing your situation, an inspection of your installation or are interested in the use of a CO2 monitor, as described by the CCCBR, please get in touch. 

Guild News

The AGM will be held on 12th June at 6pm via Zoom. All attendees will need to register and all details can be found here: https://www.pdg.org.uk/agm-2021 Any nominations, matters arising and any other business to be sent to the Secretary in advance. 

It was with pleasure that I was finally able to present Sue Jones with her certificate of Life Honorary Membership, which she was proposed for at the AGM last year. https://www.pdg.org.uk/latest-news/sue-jones-life-honorary-membership I’m told the certificate is now hanging proudly in the office. 

Ringing Terminology

How well do you know what some ringing terms mean?

Major: 1. The chap who donated the new treble. 2. The horse that lives in the field by the church. 3. Method ringing on eight bells.

ATW: 1. At The Window – positioning for the person on door duty. 2. All The Work – a composition of spliced where each bell rings all of each method. 3. Access The Wheel – terminology used by bell hanger.

Brain teasers

Can you guess which method ringers are describing in the shape? Some people love it, others not so much. https://www.facebook.com/PDGCBR/posts/299037491701648

On a Bank Holiday Monday one might expect there to be a tower outing. Well that’s not possible right now (and probably not the best idea seeing it’s blowing a gale out there!) but how about a puzzle outing. Where are we going? these are anagrams of towers and their dedications, this time in the Kettering branch. https://www.facebook.com/PDGCBR/posts/296776515261079

In recent years the most prolific quarter tower in the diocese has been St Mary’s Peterborough. This puzzle contains some of the methods they were ringing in 2019/2020. Can you get the words to fit, even if the lines wont. https://www.facebook.com/PDGCBR/posts/300850624853668

All the Saturday synonym answers contain the word bell. For example:
Call, shout, whoop, holler, wail, shriek?? Answer = Bellow

Synonyms 1) Bask, relish, wallow, gloat, indulge.

Synonyms 2) Fuss, moan, grumble, gripe, whine.

Synonyms 3) Identified, specified, defined, classified

And for something different:

A different way of ringing. Each bell is ringing at a set frequency, but each one is different. It’s interesting how at times recognisable changes emerge from the chords. Must have been really hard to ring, it runs counter to what we usually aim to achieve. https://www.facebook.com/awoodheadmusic/videos/205328914461594

This is more in line of a watch between your fingers moment. The Salisbury Guild’s newsletter featured as guest publication on HIGNFY. It maybe wasn’t the positive publicity one might have hoped for… You can watch it through iPlayer. 


Hoping you are able to get back to ringing and report back on how you find it. 



Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PDGCBR

Website: www.pdg.org.uk

e-mail: secretary@pdg.org.uk

telephone: 01832 735266