Return to Ringing: Branch Practices, Striking Workshops

So Boris has spoken! With the lifting of social restrictions there will be more opportunities to resume ringing after 19th July.

However, whilst legal restrictions like the “rule of six” will have disappeared there may be other restrictions or mitigations suggested by any of the interested parties: The Church of England, individual incumbants, tower captains and indeed individual ringers. Any advice that emerges about masks, vaccination, lateral flow tests and tower ventilation will be circulated as it becomes available.

As far as branch organised ringing is concerned, we will NOT be having a branch practice on the first friday in August. My hope is that a practice can be arranged in September but I will confirm that nearer the time.

I am organising one or more striking workshops. These will suit people who can already ring plain hunt or above – if you already know that you ARE interested in attending a 2 hour workshop to work on rhythm listening and handling to allow better striking then please let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Return to Ringing: Branch Practices, Striking Workshops

  1. Dear James, I am interested in attending a Striking Workshop. Thanks, Julie

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  2. Dear James I am interested in joining a striking workshop. Thank you Sally

  3. Dear James,

    I would like to attend your striking workshop if places are still available.

    Alex Heat

  4. Hi James

    I would like to join the striking workshop please.

    Thank you,


  5. Hi James,
    I would like to attend this striking workshop please.
    Thank you,
    Helen Cornford

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