Branch Practice 3rd September – let me know if you ARE coming

I am delighted to give you advanced notice that the branch practices will be restarting! The first practice will be 1930hrs Friday 3rd September at Castor.

The covid policy for the practice will be that:

  • hand sanitisation will be available
  • mask wearing will not be required and a matter of personal choice
  • confirming or demonstrating evidence of your vaccination status will not be required

From a ringing point of view the practice will be on eight bells and aim to achieve some surprise major ringing and/or Stedman – if you need to revise yorkshire and cambridge then you have two weeks notice!!

The practice will also suit those who can already ring bob minor and wish to apply the same principles to bob major.

I appreciate that for many individual reasons not every ringer will be ready, willing and able to ring – please let me know if you ARE planning to come – apologies/explanations for absence are not required.

James Thorpe

1 thought on “Branch Practice 3rd September – let me know if you ARE coming

  1. Plan to come normally but will be away on 3rd Sept – also happy to be involved in your quest to improve surprise minor!! Michael

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