Reminder: Peterborough Branch AGM, Saturday 15 January 2022

Dear Ringers,

A happy and healthy New Year to you all. LEt’s hope 2022 brings better cheer and joy than 2021.

I wrote on 14 December giving you details about our Branch AGM. This is a reminder. To refresh your memories the venue is the church of St Kyneburgha and the Cedar Centre at Castor (postcode PE5 7AX). Here is the schedule:

14.00 Ringing. Please note it is a first floor ringing chamber, with a spiral staircase leading up to it.

16.00 Service

16.45 Tea. Given January is a cold month, tea will be hot soup, sandwiches, cake, biscuits and, of course, tea and coffee.

18.00 AGM

19.30 or earlier: resumption of ringing.

RSVP’s from you all would be really helpful. It would allow us to cater, properly, for our Tea. Also give the Committee a better sense of numbers attending the ringing and the AGM. The current COVID rules may well influence your decision to attend, or not, but do please respond to me here with your acceptance or regret by Friday 7 January.

Some of you may already be familiar with St Kyneburgha and the Cedar Centre and remember how spacious it is. The Cedar Centre has reduced its guest capacity from 72 to 42 to allow better space for all those attending meetings, in this case our AGM. Current guidelines would mean masks would need to worn at all times, apart from when seated and having tea.

II look forward to hearing from you all before 7 January.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Julie Pocock

Branch Secretary

1 thought on “Reminder: Peterborough Branch AGM, Saturday 15 January 2022

  1. Dear Julie, I am afraid this year Derek and I have to send our apologies for the Branch AGM. I had a knee replacement op last month so spiral staircases are a no no for me at the moment and both of us are being careful with who we mix with at the present time with numbers of Covid cases being as high as they are. Derek had to shield during the first two lockdowns so we don’t want to mix with too many people in an indoor setting. Hope all goes well. Susan and Derek Jones (Bulwick).

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