Branch practice Friday 7th Jan

Dear Friends, I am pleased to say that our usual branch practice will be going ahead at Castor this Friday 7th January at 7-30pm.

I wonder if Father Christmas brought any of you the newly published book “The Core Seven and beyond” written by Simon Linford and edited by our own Will Bosworth.

The book plots a course through treble dodging major methods but starts with a plain method: Double Norwich Court Bob Major. So this will be our method of the month.

For those of you who know the rhyme to remember it, please learn the blue line too. If you don’t know the rhyme don’t find it out, just learn it by leads and by the treble! Happy bank holiday learning.

See you on Friday.


1 thought on “Branch practice Friday 7th Jan

  1. will be there – and had the book in my Christmas stocking!!

    See you this evening – would like to put in a bid for 5 leads of London if we have enough – and even the Pitman!!


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