Wedding at Wittering – Saturday May 19th 12pm

Dear all,

There is a wedding at Wittering on Saturday 19th May and six ringers are required.

The wedding is scheduled to start at 12pm and ringing is required both before and after. Aim to turn up at 11:35am to ring the bells up and ring for the bride’s arrival. The service is expected to finish, all being well, at 12:35pm. Ringing afterwards plus ring the bells down.

Payment is £20 per rope

Hopefully all who respond will be able to do both before and after. but it may be possible to just ring afterwards so long as someone is able to ring the bells up beforehand.

Please let me know if you are able to ring.


Nick Elks

1 thought on “Wedding at Wittering – Saturday May 19th 12pm

  1. Hi Nick, I can ring at Wittering on Saturday 19th. However, I may need a reminder nearer the time, lol. Cheers, Bob

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