Wedding at Wittering next Saturday (19th May) – one more ringer required

Dear all,

Further to my previous message, we are still one short to make a band of six for the wedding at Wittering next Saturday. It is a 12pm wedding with ringing both before and afterwards, Ringers to turn up at 11:35am. Bells need raising and lowering. Payment is £20 per rope (£15 if only after).

If you have been holding back to give others a chance to get in there first, please do not hold back any longer – we need a sixth ringer. This will only be rounds and call changes, nothing too taxing, and the bells are not heavy. If you are only able to ring afterwards, that might well be possible. Please let me know if you can help us out.

Those who have already responded, yes please, we do need you and a confirmation email will follow once the band is complete.


Nick Elks


3 thoughts on “Wedding at Wittering next Saturday (19th May) – one more ringer required

  1. Hi Nick,

    Bad news I’m afraid, due to events that happened this weekend, I will no longer be able to ring at the Wittering wedding next Saturday. I’m really sorry to let you down. I hope you can find a replacement.

    Good luck,


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  2. Thanks for the offer – but I now have a complete band for the wedding

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